King and Link Pin VW Bay Window suspension conversion

The lowest Volkswagen bay window buses run King and Link Pin Suspension.  If you’re considering converting your Bay window from Ball joint to king and link pin we have all the parts you require and lots of experience doing it!

Original Parts you will need:

1964-1967 VW Bus Link Pin Kit

For 205 PCD wide 5 wheels 1964-1967 VW splitscreen bus spindles

For 112 PCD late bay wheels VW Brazil kombi spindles

1955-1967 VW split bus Steering Idler arm

1964-1967 VW split bus Trailing arms

We offer all the above parts.  Please contact us for latest pricing as prices vary according to stock levels.  You will also require a king and link pin bay window beam.  Choose from 6″ inner, 4″, 3″ and 2″